Miss Lillian Ewe

Miss Ewe is a retired botanist, trying to settle into the life of an elderly sheep. She lives in a small neighborhood outside of town and loves her neighbor, Mr. Sloth and his garden. Having no garden of her own, she often reads daring do novels that remind her of her younger days.


Mr. Sloth

Mr Sloth is a kind gentleman, not much younger than Miss Ewe, nevertheless retired. He spends most of his time cultivating his garden of exotic plants that cater to his special dietary needs. He enjoys the company of his neighbor, Miss Ewe, who seems to be the only one who really understands and appreciates his garden.


Mr. Stork

Mr. Stork is a kind and patient bird. He spends his days in the library and, because of some youths don’t return their books, has to enforce a three-book policy. He has a soft spot for Miss Ewe though and often lets her borrow more than allowed.


Sheriff Shepherd

Sheriff Shepherd comes from a well-known family of police dogs and does his job credibly well. Unfortunately, a few citizens wish he were a tad nicer and took their complaints more seriously. He can usually be found laughing and chortling with his friends at the coffee shop in the mornings.



Avery is a pungent kit with a need for mischief and a tendency to be downright rude.


The Owlettas

Flora, Azalea, and Poinsettia are the lead singers in their homegrown 70s band, the Owlettas. They often practice in the forest because their parents refuse to let them sing in the house. Owls typically like the quiet, but not these three. They are into flower power and sing covers of "The Who."



Emily Pheasant

The elder of Mr. Pheasant’s two kids. She took it on herself to renovate the mansion, including the garden. She is never afraid to try out the newest innovations to the detriment of the plants. 


Nathaniel Pheasant

The clumsier child of Mr. Pheasant. Nathaniel is a collector of oddities and junk. He believes everything has a story, a history - and that is beautiful. 



Helen is the hard-working no-nonsense housekeeper and caretaker of Mr. Pheasant. She keeps a tight ship and is convinced the house is never clean and therefore needs to be kept up with constant diligence - even if that means hiring more staff.